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House Beers

We absorb the creativity in our community as our muse to tap into the craft brewed beer that gives back what inspires it. We'll use only the best ingredients and combine them for truly unique and satisfying beer that are fitting of such a town as Lancaster.

Proper Pils
Style Pilsner
ABV 5.5%
Hops Saaz
Malts Pilsner
Yeast Lager
Crispy, clean lager beer hopped gently and thoughtfully with Saaz. With the rich, German brewing history present in Lancaster, we believe a traditional Pilsner is a must. A much more delicate, light-handed offering, Pilsner is one of our favorite styles. It pairs beautifully with almost all foods and occasions.
Little Snack
Style Petite New England IPA
ABV 4.8%
Hops Cryo Mosaic
Malts Pilsner, Wheat, Oats
Yeast Voss Kveik
This Petite NEIPA is dry hopped exclusively with cryo Mosaic.  A hot fermentation leads way to a velvety mouthfeel, even at a low ABV.  Sometimes, all you need is a little snack.
In The Shade - Lavender
Style Sour - Fruited
ABV 3.2%
Hops Citra
Malts Pilsner, Wheat
Yeast Voss Kveik
Our lemonade sour ale aged on dried lavender.  Tart and floral and wildly refreshing.  Made in the shade, drinking lemonade.
In The Shade - Blackberry
Style Sour - Fruited
ABV 3.2%
Hops Citra
Malts Pilsner, Wheat
Yeast Voss Kveik
Our lemonade sour ale aged on blackberries.  Tart and jammy and wildly refreshing.  Made in the shade, drinking lemonade.
Ain't A Cloud In The Sky
Style IPA - New England
ABV 6.1%
Hops Citra, Cryo Citra
Malts Pilsner, Wheat, Oats
Yeast Voss Kveik
Super soft NEIPA hopped with our absolute favorite, Citra.  This beer was dry hopped with both cryo and T-90 pellets resulting in a bright citrus forward aroma coupled with some earthy, dank notes.
Slow Down (Nitro)
Style Imperial Stout
ABV 10%
Hops Nugget
Malts Pale, Roasted Barley, Chocolate, Caramunich, Vienna
Yeast Chico
Layers of dark, roasted and caramel malts hide the high ABV in this Imperial Stout. We filled two Maker's Mark barrels and two Booker's Bourbon barrels with this stout, leaving only a single keg for an un-aged offering. Served on nitro. Slow down.
Pocketful of Songs
Style Pilsner
ABV 5.2%
Hops NZ Cascade, NZ The Bruce
Malts Pilsner
Yeast Lager
Brewed in collaboration with our friends at Ever Grain, this Pilsner is dry hopped with all New Zealand hops.  NZ Cascade and NZ The Bruce hops offer up a light floral aroma with a mildly fruity, yet dry finish.
Sidewalk Café
Style Hefeweizen
ABV 5.0%
Hops Hersbrucker
Malts Pilsner, Wheat
Yeast Weizen
Traditional German wheat beer.  Light banana and clove aroma and flavor.  Higher carbonation makes for a refreshing spritzy beverage.  Tastes best when sitting outside!
Field Trip Chaperone
Style Pale Lager
ABV 6.0%
Hops Mosaic, Vic Secret & Rakau
Malts 2-Row
Yeast Lager
Brewed with our friends at Crime and Punishment Brewing Co. (Philadelphia, PA), this pale lager was hopped with Mosaic, Vic Secret & Rakau.  We blended the finished beer with an Ethiopian coffee to enhance the berry forward profile.  Dry, fruity, balanced.
Style Imperial Milk Stout
ABV 8.0%
Hops Willamette
Malts Pale, Chocolate, Roasted Barley, Caramel 75, Oats
Yeast Chico
Wanderlust Series 5 of 6: Imperial Milk Stout conditioned on vanilla beans and whiskey-soaked coffee beans from our friends at Necessary Coffee. Also available in 4-Packs To-Go.
Lodge (Cans Only)
Style Coffee Stout
ABV 6.4%
Hops Nugget
Malts Pilsner, Oats, Caramel 75, Chocolate
Yeast Chico
Wanderlust Series 2 of 6: American stout conditioned on Passenger's Stowaway Blend Coffee.  Available in 4-Packs To-Go and in-house individual can consumption.
Bar Room Hymnal
Style Irish Dry Stout
ABV 4.9%
Hops Nugget
Malts Pale Roasted Barley & Flaked Barley
Yeast Dry English Yeast
Roasted barley provides all of the color, aroma and flavor for this little smacker of a beer.  Enjoy a few as the weather begins to change and allow yourself to get caught up in the moment.

Other Libations

Levengood's Original Cider
Style Cider
ABV 6.5%
Levengood's of Lancaster Original Cider. Crisp and refreshing staple of the Cider family.
Levengood's Sunrise Cider
Style Cider
ABV 6%
Levengood's of Lancaster Sunrise Cider. Orange, Pineapple & Grapefruit notes make this a perfect Springtime cider
Grandview Wines
Style Wine
Grandview Wines hails from Mount Joy, PA. Choose from their incredible offering: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Grigio, Precious Pink (Moscato), & Diamond Dust (Sparkling Wine)
Nitro Cold Brew Coffee
Style Cold Brew
Necessary Coffee