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We attempt to always have "a beer for everyone" and our draft list changes often. We enjoy brewing both traditional, classic beer styles as well as experimenting with new and different ingredients and styles.

Proper Pils
Style Pilsner
ABV 5.0%
Hops Saaz
Malts Pilsner
Yeast Lager
Crispy, clean lager beer hopped gently and thoughtfully with Saaz. With the rich, German brewing history present in Lancaster, we believe a traditional Pilsner is a must. A much more delicate, light-handed offering, Pilsner is one of our favorite styles. It pairs beautifully with almost all foods and occasions.
Press On
Style IPA - New England
ABV 6.0%
Hops Citra, Mosaic
Malts Pilsner, Oats, Wheat
Yeast Voss Kveik
Citrus forward NEIPA with flavors and aromas of freshly pressed OJ.  This beer is very special to us, as it is the first beer that we released to the public.
County Wide 4
Style Belgian Witbier
ABV 4.1%
Hops Hallertau
Malts Pilsner, Wheat, Oats
Yeast Belgian Wit
<span class="_aacl _aaco _aacu _aacx _aad7 _aade">This Belgian Wit was brewed in collaboration with the Lancaster County Brewers Guild; Bright and refreshing with plenty of orange zest aroma, and spice and fragrance from coriander.</span>
Pride Parade
Style Petite Raspberry IPA
ABV 4.2%
Hops Strata
Malts Pilsner
Yeast Voss Kveik
Light bodied session-able IPA conditioned on fresh raspberries. Strata dry hopping helps intensify the berry notes. This beer was brewed for Lancaster Pride. Fly Your Flag!
Going Home
Style Petite New England IPA
ABV 4.5%
Hops Simcoe, Centennial
Malts PIlsner, Oats
Yeast Voss Kveik
Light bodied NEIPA brewed with our hometown, Lewisburg, in mind. Hopped with a couple of our favorites to bring out notes of friendship and camaraderie with intense aromas of nostalgia.
Ciao Bella
Style Italian Pilsner
ABV 4.3%
Hops Hallertau, Saaz
Malts Pilsner
Yeast Lager
Light bodied, crisp Pilsner dry hopped with Hallertau and Saaz. Lively and refreshing. We taste lemon and earth.
Style Pale Ale
ABV 5.2%
Hops HBC586, Citra, Simcoe
Malts Pilsner, Oats
Yeast Chico
American Pale Ale with a light malt bill. We toned down the rate on these expressive hop varieties to allow for a more subtle, sessionable drinking experience. We taste peach, fruit punch and bright citrus.
Cast Away Your Worries
Style Blonde Ale
ABV 5.0%
Hops Nugget
Malts 2-Row, Pilsner
Yeast Voss Kveik
Pale beer fermented warm with Voss Kveik, lagered for 4 weeks then conditioned on dried sage and orange zest.  Drinks like a Belgian wit.  Believe in what it is that brings you joy.
Light After Dark
Style Schwarzbier
ABV 5.2%
Hops Northern Brewer
Malts Vienna, Blackprinz
Yeast Lager
Black lager fermented cool and aged ice cold for 5 weeks. This beer drinks much lighter than it looks. Mild hints of roast accompany smooth, yet bold, Vienna malt.
Words of Wisdom
Style Vienna Lager
ABV 4.8%
Hops Northern Brewer
Malts Vienna, Munich Light
Yeast Lager
Vienna Lager is arguably the oldest pale lager in history. This style was created by brewers many centuries ago sharing malting and roasting techniques. “Words of Wisdom” is true to style and brewed with all German ingredients. We taste whole grain bread crust and crackers.
Comfy Cozy
Style Milk Stout
ABV 5.0%
Hops Nugget
Malts Maris Otter, Oats, Flaked Barley, Caramel 40, Chocolate, Blackprinz
Yeast Chico
Plush, velvety stout at a modest 5.0% ABV. Lots of flaked and dark malts are smoothed out and rounded by a large kettle addition of lactose. Perfect beer for this time of year. We taste baker's chocolate, mild roast with a creamy bittersweet finish.
In The Shade - Blackberry Blueberry
ABV 3.2%
Hops Nugget
Malts Pilsner, Wheat
Yeast Voss Kveik
Our lemonade sour ale aged on blackberries and blueberries. Tart, jammy and crushable. Made in the shade, drinking lemonade.
Pull Up A Chair (Cask)
Style Brown Ale
ABV 5.8%
Hops Willamette
Malts Maris Otter, English Chocolate, English Crystal
Yeast Dry English Yeast
This traditional Southern English Brown Ale was built on a base of Maris Otter and is brought home with various English crystal and chocolate malts.  Pull up a chair, we'd like to tell a story about a forgotten style of beer - brown ale.

Other Libations

Levengood's Original Cider
Style Cider
ABV 6.5%
Levengood's of Lancaster Original Cider. Crisp and refreshing staple of the Cider family.
Levengood's Cherry Cider
Style Cider
ABV 6%
Levengood's of Lancaster Cherry Cider. Fruitful and Tart; perfect for cool Fall evenings.
Jimmy Juice
The signature carbonated cocktail from our friends at Sickman's Mill. Vodka-based with fresh orange juice and ginger, served over ice.
Top Dog Cocktails - Peach Mango Tea
Vodka, White Peach, Mango & Lemon
Top Dog Cocktails - Whiskey Lemonade
Whiskey, Lemon & Orange Liqueur
Top Dog Cocktails - Greyhound
Vodka, Grapefruit, Rosemary & Elderflower
Top Dog Cocktails - Blood Orange Margarita
Agave Spirit, Blood Orange & Lime
OTB Bloody Mary
Spicy Sunday's Bloody Mary Mix | Thistle Finch Vodka | Pickle, Pepperoncini, Olive, Lemon
Blend of Orange Juice and Press On
Blend of Clamato & Tomato Juice, Soy Sauce, Worcestershire and Proper Pils served in a Tajin rimmed pint glass
Necessary Iced Coffee
Roasted by Necessary Coffee then brewed hot and made cold in seconds utilizing Elemental Beverage Company's Snapchill Technology. You can now enjoy delicious, refreshingly cold coffee - without dilution, oxidation, or additives.  12oz can served over ice.
Britain Hill's Cabernet Sauvignon
Full bodied dry red wine that is heavily oaked in barrels with notes of black currant
Britain Hill's Pinot Grigio
Semi dry white wine; light, fruity and full of personality
Britain Hill's Britain Valley
Full bodied dry white wine made with vignoles that has a hint of orange blossom and citrus overtones
Britain Hill's Wild Bear...ies
A blend of Niagara, Concord and Red Raspberry makes this sweet wine fruity and fun
Britain Hill's Niagara
Sweet and fruity white wine with a fresh off-the-vine taste.
Sunday's Bloody Mary Mix
32oz Jars Available To-Go - Mild or Spicy